In the Casino Dog early days, few people thought that an online casino could offer any sort of meaningful experience. Back then, the Internet was relatively new and people assumed that such a service would always be a pale imitation of the real thing. That was back in 1997, and as any member of the online casino circuit can tell you, a lot of things have changed.
Still Going After all These Years
More than 15 years later, Casino Dog is still going strong. Part of the reason for its maintained popularity after many competitors have come and gone is the fact that it is still one of the only casinos out there that offers a completely free experience. You can download the software and try it out at no cost to you. Once you join up, if you are in select areas, you can take advantage of the Freespin promotion that gives you 365 daily spins, allowing you to get a chance at a jackpot just for joining.
Proprietary Software
Casino Dog uses its own proprietary casino software. That means that many of its games are unique to this casino and cannot be found elsewhere no matter how hard you look. The 3D slots allow you to actually feel like you are in a real casino. If you continue playing for long enough and join the VIP lounge, you can take this experience once step forward by actually attending live tables and becoming a part of the action.
Secure and Reliable
When it comes to security and reliability, this casino is top notch. Our reviewers have played casino games for most of their lives. This makes our contribution stand out. When you read a review at our site, you can pretty much expect the highest quality and expertise. But you can Go To This Website and judge for yourself. A random number generator system ensures that there is no bias in the casino games or among the dealers. This system is audited on a regular basis, ensuring that it will remain balanced and accurate. With safety and a diverse set of games, this casino is the one for you.